About the company

Afonso started its activity in 1987 - managed and guided by germans - which contributed to the development of acurated technical skills as well as strong values such as rigour, quality and excelence, which remain as today's guiding patterns of the enterprise.

In 2004, the company became 100% portuguese - portuguese capital, portuguese management and portuguese technical orientation.

Till 2009, merely due to financial issues, Afonso worked mostly in CM and CMT basis. Most of our direct customers were portuguese companies which subcontracted Afonso for the manufacture of their finest products.

Afonso has always taken special attention to only accept orders which allow the company to keep itself in the top segment of the market, with outstanding patterns of quality and rigour.

In 2009, Afonso achieved a position which allowed the company to define a new strategy, continuing to supply CM and CMT, but also gaining the ability to supply a vertical product in a full package base.

We have broadened our range of customers, to which we have started to export directly the great majority of our products.

The company can now take care of your products in a complete way.

We can:

 - source and buy your woven fabrics, your jersey fabrics and your trims,

 - develop your styles starting from a sketch,

 - export your CM (cutting and manufacturing), CMT (cutting, manufucturing, trims) or FP (full package) productions, directly to you.

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